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Emperor Jaoz - Character Sheet by octogone Emperor Jaoz - Character Sheet by octogone
Character Profile

Birthplace: Imperial Palace, Xineren, Asseton
Height: 2m06 (6'5)
Weight: 115kg (242 lbs)
Age: 40
Birthday: January, 14
Hair: Black and White
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Emperor of Asseton, Scion of Solem
Personality: Realistic, shrewd and highly knowledgeable.
Charismatic, persuasive and superior politician.
Merciless, cruel and sadistic.
Usually bends people to his will through blackmail and bribery but has no qualms about using violence.
Likes to corrupt righteous people and rallying them to his cause.
Seldom acts directly but doesn't back down from a challenge.
Doesn't care much for his family other as valuable tools, except for his mother.
Has a harem of concubines despite being married. Very perverted and abusive.
Family: Emperor Habeix (father, deceased), Our Mother Diamosante (mother), Holy Guid Kem Rid (younger brother), Empress Lyctis (wife), "Le Squale" (older son), Prince Gohal (younger son), Princess Chasyer (daughter).
Story: Jaoz is the first born child of Habeix and Diamosante, the former rulers of Asseton. A knowledge-seeker at heart, he spent his early childhood and teen years between Xineren and the Forbidden Library of Skadi where he could gain entrance thanks to his father's history with Faysal the Scholar, Baxem's father. Reasonable, albeit somewhat solitary, Jaoz was a rather kind child but his discovery of the origin of the world and of the Hedera Blade's existence drastically changed him. It is supposed that he learnt of the existence and the powers of the Hedera Blade while reading some of the Library's ancient texts but, since these texts were sealed in a special safe, this is very unlikely.
Jaoz was given the throne of Asseton a few years after his father's demise, thanks to his mother's intervention and regency. Giving the management of the church to his brother, Kem Rid, Jaoz mostly focused on building back Asseton to its former glory, subsuming different lesser nations such as Teranga and Celakh by introducing the Solem's cult. Uncooperative nations such as Gaardbey were invaded and "decapitated". He then married a young and beautiful Celakhian princess, Lyctis, and made her his Empress
Despite getting the forsaken knowledge of Aamalnar's creation, Jaoz ignored it at first, since the chip was unreadable as it was and he wasn't sufficiently powerful yet to send informants to spy on Eluse anyway. He went on trying out his findings on biology and used his eldest son as a Guinea pig along with other willing subjects. His experiments failed and his son became "Le Squale" Getting more and more frustrated, Jaoz went on "researching" more about the Hedera dagger and successfully extorted info from captured informants of the neighbouring and hostile Dohonas. This fact got him disliked by Dohonas' ruler, The Nameless One, a mysterious figure whose identity is unknown to everyone.
Knowing about the existence of the Hedera blade's sheath, Jaoz now wishes to retrieve it so he could open the portal to the former world and decipher the chip inside the dagger. His actual goal in opening the portal again is known to himself and few trusted agents, out of whom his mother is the most informed.
Jaoz despises his first born son who couldn't withstand his experiments and generally doesn't speak to him. He places all his ambition for succession in his second son, Gohal, much to Squale's disgruntlement. He has a slight soft spot for his daughter Chasyer and generally treats his wife with respect although he doesn't love her.
Jaoz is very demanding towards his personal squad and doesn't tolerate disobedience or insolence.
Weapons: A massive sabre. He is also ambidextrous.
Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, resistance and stamina. Decent hand-to-hand combat skills and very skilled swordsman.
Has numerous mystical abilities and can cast very powerful spells. He can use a particular form of disruptive energy that works on contact and can either stun, incapacitate or kill his opponent. Can hurt someone’s astral body with his blade and can utterly extract someone’s soul from their body if he manages to grab the person’s head. Is aware of astral and ethereal presences and can dispel them.
Has limited telepathy, namely he can read a person's mind but can't communicate through such a mean.
Weaknesses and annoying traits: Jaoz isn't naturally powered, unlike his brother. Diamosante thus induced his body's mutation and the activation of his brain's unused areas mystically through a prohibited coupling of science and magic. The disadvantage of such kind of powers is that they depend entirely on his health and the state of his astral body, hence his almost paranoid fear of illnesses.
The tattoo on his chest can come to life in the midst of a battle and contains his astral essence. It also can send a concussive ray of energy that can utterly disintegrate a foe at full power.
While the tattoo itself is nigh invulnerable, Jaoz's astral body is actually his Achilles Heel. If his astral body is attacked, Jaoz must enter the Astral plane to defend it. If it takes too much damage, Jaoz loses his powers gradually until he becomes too weak to fight and then can only rely on his natural strength to keep going. Few persons know about this fact.

The main antagonist of the story and the chief of Unai and Co.

What does Jaoz truly want with the blade? You'll have to read the story to find out! :p

EDIT: Sorry for all the misspellings and holes in the description, I was exhausted when I posted this... ^^;

All credits due to :iconjosfouts: for the character design and to :iconrussiankunoichi: for the logo.

Emperor Jaoz © :iconoctogone:
The Hedera Blade © :iconoctogone:

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