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The Banishment of Malachlabra by octogone
The Banishment of Malachlabra
Commission done by :iconshliurpalas:, very good at digital brushes and natural ones! 

This is a scene representing Malachlabra, one of Dispater's many illegitimate spawn, being forcefully expelled from Dis by her father, being led to Avernus by Arioch, Dispater's Avenger.  

Malachlabra is mentioned as an encounter of the Elminster In Hell campaign. 

Also present: Lilis (Dispater's curvy consort) and Titivilus (Dispater's Nuncio, writing).

Malachlabra © Ed Greenwood / Dungeons & Dragons
Dispater, Lilis, Arioch, Titivilus © Dungeons & Dragons / Planewalker

All credits due to :iconshliurpalas: for the amazing work!
Tahir - Character Sheet by octogone
Tahir - Character Sheet
Character Profile

Birthplace: Asseton, Xineren, capital of the Empire
Height: 1m97 (6'4)
Weight: 98k (218 lbs)
Age: 25
Birthday: November, 2
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Yellow (reptilian)
Occupation: Queen Saran's personal guard, rank 2
Personality: Arrogant, domineering and nasty-tempered.
Nihilistic, sociopathic and cynical.
Merciless and unkind but not petty, although he is not above bullying beings he perceives weaker than him.
Always in for a good fight, likes brutal combat.
Believes males of any race ought to be hunters or warriors and those that aren't are pussies. Despises weak and spoiled people.
Despite his boorish attitude, always pays attention to what is being said. Has an outstandingly good memory and often remembers things that the others don't.
His demonic nature makes him intensely sexual. Has no compunctions about satisfying himself with random females of any race and even other males sometimes.
Family: Kheresh (father), Nejla (mother, deceased), aunt, uncle and cousins (unknown).
Story: Tahir, also known as "Al Shaïtan", is the bastard child conceived upon the rape of a human female by a male demon. As usual with demonic births, his mother didn't survive childbirth. His mother's family nurtured him as a young infant but soon left him to handle himself when his demonic features became evident such as his unusually long canine teeth and his clawed hands.
Tahir grew up on the streets of Xineren, living from petty thief and smuggling. The hardships he endured got him to develop his powers at an early age and to master them on his own. At the age of 9, he was known as "Al Shaïtan" and decided to leave his native city and never return, in hopes of starting a new life and prove himself. He wandered in Shatterland for some time, seeking to fight always stronger enemies which led him to battle regularly with Soces, Femisoces and Underdwellers as well as other residents of Shatterland, Sakels, Badejos etc... All of which gave him good knowledge of many people's habits and techniques. He eventually took leadership of a mercenary band after beheading their chief. He then embraced his demonic side by revelling in mindless slaughter and pillage of small communities with his underlings. But he still felt a void in his heart and, after some time, left his band in order to find his own purpose. He lived as a vagabond on the frontiers of Shatterland before meeting Izekondi, the only man who would defeat him. But instead of finishing Tahir off, the monk offered to spare his life if he agreed to follow him to Aquanne. Izekondi was indeed impressed by the powers of the young half-breed.
Tahir agreed and was introduced to Queen Saran who immediately sensed the man's nature. She offered to give him a place and a position in her army in exchange of a generous payment. Having no better option, Tahir accepted.
Aside from Izekondi who he begrudgingly yet sincerely respects and esteems, Tahir is unconcerned about others of the group, except Sumire whom he's head over heels for. He is pretty forward and unromantic about it.
Powers: Tahir is a half-demon and possesses naturally enhanced senses, superhuman strength, stamina and a healing factor. He is immune to diseases.
Due to his demonic heritage, his eyes blaze when at full power and he excretes an acidic sweat that can eat through almost any matter. At full strength, he becomes surrounded by an acid mist that can melt all projectiles aimed at him. His bite is also poisonous and he can also breath out an acid cloud that has the same effect as his sweat.
Tahir also wields limited forbidden magic and has mid-level telekinesis. He is very resilient to psychic attacks but not immune to them thanks to his training with Izekondi.
He is a superior hand-to-hand brawler and is extremely resourceful in direct combat.
Weapons: A two-bladed war axe.
Weaknesses and annoying traits: Tahir isn't called "Al Shaïtan" for nothing. He loves battles and thrives on violence. Despite trying to better himself, he is mostly amoral and doesn't care about how he does a job as long as it's done.
He acts very chauvinistic around women and generally doesn't like being ordered by females. Often challenges Derva or Lady Senami when they tell him to do something. Always contends he doesn't fight at full strength against them.
Like all demons and their half-breeds, Tahir doesn't recover naturally from a wound made by a holy weapon or holy magic and isn't very strong against water-based attacks.
Tahir actually doesn't know where he belongs and feels lonely and misunderstood when he's being true to himself. But he is too prideful to ever admit to a weakness.

Another half-demon. But this time on the side of Good, apparently. Yes, he loves Sumire, or at least is VERY attracted to her but well... Sumire being who she is, you already know it won't be that simple.

And, as you may already have noticed, he and Chandraki are pretty similar... I'll let you guess why. ;)

All credits due to :iconjosfouts: for the character design and to :iconrussiankunoichi: for the logo.

EDIT: Redesigned by :iconscruffyronin: - Thanks for your work man!

Tahir © :iconoctogone:
The Hedera Blade © :iconoctogone:

Please don't steal.
Yuang - Character Sheet by octogone
Yuang - Character Sheet
Character Profile

Birthplace: Unknown. Allegedly from Hekenes due to his weapon.
Height: 1m79 (5'8)
Weight: 72kg (160 lbs)
Age: 29
Birthday: June, 12
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Unity Squad, Grade 2
Alignment: Evil with neutral tendencies
Personality: Utterly selfish and egocentric.
Arrogant, assuming, thinks very highly of himself and his people.
Cynical, snide and deliberately offensive to everyone.
Very knowledgeable about history and economics but mostly uses it for corrupting and extorting money.
Brutal and domineering with women and children.
Always questions Unai's commands for the sake of argument but grovels at the feet of the Emperor.
Very perverted and is a regular patron of the Vermillion Vault.
Family: Chae Wong (father), Lannayah (mother), Ji Bi Truong (brother)
Story: Not much is known about Yuang and his past but his allegiance to the Emperor is anything but certain.
What is known is that he was raised in a secret society, possibly the one Baxem tenured in back in the days, and that he was most likely born in Hekenes, a swampy country that leads to the Southern territories, due to the typical weapon he uses in battle.
The name of the Society is unknown but he sports a strange tattoo on his left shoulder that seems to be the symbol of said Society. What is known is that this organization has a high-ranking rep in almost any powerful, authoritative institution of the world to foster their interests.
Yuang follows a set of rules that permit him to do whatever he wants to anybody as long as they don't belong to this organization. His goals is to side with Emperor Jaoz and make him accept his Society's agenda and rule the world by proxy. He doesn't want a better world but rather take everything for himself and his confederates and nothing for anyone else.
Veliniffa and Unai seem to know about his goals but choose not to act for the moment. Yuang is often at odds with Hooj and hates Unai.
Weapons: A strange pole with two shovel-shaped blades at the end, endemic of Hekenes and its people. Double-bladed throwing knives.
Powers: Yuang has mainly high telekinetic skills. He can destroy, lift, stop or deflect objects that are not more than 3 times his weight. The lighter the objects, the better he controls them. He generally uses this power to unbalance his opponents and then attack them physically.
He has also good control of his Ki and can use it to strike from a distance. He can use both powers at the same time which can make him difficult to approach.
He is very athletic and has peak strength, speed and stamina. Also unusually good stealth and equilibrium skills.
Weaknesses and annoying traits: Yuang is much weaker than he thinks he is and often underestimates his enemies. Which can put him in dangerous situations but never accepts blame for any trouble he causes.
He is very sensitive about his confederates and goes nuts whenever someone badmouths the society that brought him up.
Yuang has no honour whatsoever and is incurably greedy. He has no qualms about betraying his companions if he can make money from it or further his own goals, and has no limits about just how low he will have to stoop to get anything he wants.

This is the last member of the Unity Squad and the most despicable one.

But his role is very important since his goals are not necessarily the same ones as the group or as that of Jaoz. And there's a reason as to why he doesn't hide his goals: don't you know that the best way to get what you want is to make no secret about it? But that's not all, of course.

All credits due to :iconjosfouts: for the character design and to :iconrussiankunoichi: for the logo.

EDIT: Redesigned by  :iconscruffyronin: - Thanks man!

Yuang © :iconoctogone:
The Hedera Blade © :iconoctogone:

Please don't steal.
Bensozia, Glasya, Naome and Fierna by octogone
Bensozia, Glasya, Naome and Fierna
This is a VERY old commission that I requested from :iconbea-gonzalez:.  Look at her page, she can do MUCH better than this now.

This is a depction of several unique she-devils in Baator, notably Naome, Fierna's mother.

Bensozia, Fierna, Naome & Glasya © Dungeons & Dragons / Planewalker
Evening Glory by octogone
Evening Glory
Commissioned again from the extremely talented :iconvaliorea:, one of the most talented artists I've come across lately.

The undead goddess of love through undeath and unconditional love. She's referenced in Libris Mortis along with other undead deities but she was never depicted before so I tried to stay close to the description mentioned there.

Evening Glory © Dungeons & Dragons / Planewalker

!!!Please do not fave here!!!Please do not fave here!!!

Please go to the original work here Evening_Glory by valiorea and give :iconvaliorea: some praise!


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As swamped as the Camargue marshes...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 1, 2010, 10:37 AM

Well well well...

First and foremost, thanks to all who gave me those "Happy Birthday" notes, I do appreciate!! =D

Having changed jobs, it took an ocular infection for me to have some time to spend on my original fic since I am almost always working lately.

Se here is the 1st Chapter of the Hedera Blade, hope you like it.

I've had some art made already to complete the roster of main characters which I will issue soon. Chapter 2 is also on its way and, I hope, will be issued shortly.

Thanks to all the watchers and take care you all.


PS: Berserk's new Anime is now CONFIRMED!! YAY!

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